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Introducing A show like no other…

Master Diver is a challenge based, reality tv show where thirty two international divers compete for the chance at ten thousand dollars. If selected you will receive a free round trip to Utila Honduras, a free hotel stay, and an unforgettable experience. Our casting is currently open WORLDWIDE until December 20. So if you enjoy the sport of SCUBA diving apply today!


  • Must be at least 18

  • Must have experience from around 40 to 100 dives

  • Must take a physical before competing

  • Must sign a non-disclosure agreement

  • Must be available for at least one week early 2019

Submission Guidelines:

To enter create 2-3 minute video about yourself. You may put anything in it, some good talking points are… Who are you? What defines you as a person? How has diving impacted your life? What are your dreams and ambitions? What about fears? Why you deserve to win. These are just a few suggestions. Send all submissions to Contact@DiluvioStudios.com Please Use the following format for your email.

  • Name

  • Age

  • Location

  • Number of dives

  • Link to unlisted YouTube video

We look forward to hearing from you!

-Diluvio Studios Team

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frequently asked questions

What is Master Diver?

Master Diver is a reality television show that is currently in production.

Who can apply?

Any English speaking SCUBA diver with around 40-60 dives.

Why is the dive limit so strict?

In our first season we would like to keep things simple and safe. In the future we will open the competition to divers of all skill levels.

When will the show begin?

Early 2019, Útila Honduras.