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Introducing A show like no other…

Master Diver is a challenge based, reality tv show where twelve international divers compete for the chance at ten thousand dollars. If selected you will receive a free round trip to Utila Honduras, a free hotel stay, and an unforgettable experience. Our casting is currently open WORLDWIDE. So if you enjoy the sport of SCUBA diving apply today!

Master Diver

Contestant Information Circular


Casting is currently in progress and is expected to conclude by no later than April 21, 2019. Those interested are strongly urged to apply without delay by contacting our Casting Team at amy@diluviostudios.com.

Contest Period and Location

The contest is expected to be filmed on the island of Utila, Honduras during the months of July and August 2019.

Entry Requirements

At minimum, contestants will be required to hold either a Rescue Diver certification and four diving specialties, or Divemaster certification, and all must have a minimum of 60 logged dives and recent dive experience. Contestants may hold instructor level certifications, however those with technical, commercial, military, public safety or other specialized professional diver training or experience will not be permitted to participate.

Diver Skills

Challenges will be designed in the form of team games and individual contests that challenge contestants’ proficiency in recreational diver and related skill areas, including but not necessarily limited to:

- Dive planning

- Communication

- Buoyancy and finning

- Navigation

- Gear handling

- Search patterns

- Mapping

- Lift bag handling

- Diving in zero visibility (blindfold)

- Cardiovascular fitness


All contestants will be required to be assessed and cleared to dive by a medical doctor at the start of the competition, with mini-assessments focused on detecting ear barotrauma and influence of drugs or alcohol before participating in each in-water activity. Contests will be delayed by up to 2 days if required to allow for the healing of minor ear barotrauma injuries. If a contestant requires a longer recovery period, such as for example from an ear or sinus infection, a previously eliminated contestant will be brought back into play and the contest will continue. All contestants will be covered by Dive Assure diver insurance.

All contestants will receive a dive computer and SDI Computer Diver specialty training and will be required to wear and use the dive computer on all dives. Typically, challenges will be conducted within 8- and 12-meter depth range, however both shallower and deeper dives will also be required, with absolute maximum depth set at 30 meters. Minimum Surface Interval period between contest dives will typically be between one and two days to minimize the chance of schedule interruptions due to ear injuries. Diving outside of the contest will not be permitted to ensure that dive computers accurately reflect contestants’ residual nitrogen loading.

All dives will be conducted within No Decompression Limits (NDL) and minimum gas reserves of 750 PSI once out of the water. Nevertheless, contestants will be required to carry enough weight to be able to remain neutrally buoyant with a nearly-empty tank so that those last 750 PSI could actually be used if called upon in a real emergency. Contestants violating these safety rules, interfering with each other’s equipment, or purposely colliding with other contestants may be eliminated.

Safety divers will be present in the water during all contest dives and will be placed such that they can provide immediate assistance to contestants, camera crew, and each other. Their numbers will range from 2 to 6 depending on the size of teams competing and the nature of the specific challenge.


Contestants will be provided with the following set of new or nearly new and identical (aside from size differences) equipment for use during the contest.

1. Full size 2-3mm wetsuit.

2. Full foot fins.

3. Jacket BCD.

4. Regulator.

5. Dive computer

6. Aluminum 80 cu ft (12L) tank

Depending on specific challenge requirements, contestants may also be provided with additional equipment such as SMBs, spools, slates, compasses, etc. All contestants are required to supply their own masks and snorkels to ensure proper individual fit and account for prescription lenses or hygienic concerns.

Challenge Elimination Structure

Contestants will participate in 8 team and 2 individual challenges. In team challenges, the winning team will gain immunity, and the losing team will be required to vote one person off the team. One contestant will be randomly selected from the winning team to receive individual immunity for the next challenge. This contestant will not participate in competing or any elimination voting during the next challenge. If their team wins the next challenge, the contestant who was granted immunity will move to the losing team to rebalance the size of teams.

During the 8th challenge, team sizes will be 3 v.s. 2 with 2 v.s. 2 competing and one person having individual immunity. Whichever dive team of 2 loses this challenge will be eliminated, so that only 3 remaining contestants proceed to the semifinal elimination challenge.

Filming Coverage

Contestants will be filmed during all in-water activities, briefings, debriefings, team dive planning and voting, and private interviews. Unstructured team interactions will also be recorded at previously identified locations and times. No undercover recording will take place. Contestants will be required to remain available to participate in on-camera activities with minimum notice throughout the contest period.


For as long as the contestants continue to participate in the challenge, they will receive shared accommodations, meals, TV exposure, and $10 pay per day (including diving and non-diving days). $15,000 prize money will be distributed to the two finalists, split $10,000 to the winner and $5,000 to the runner-up of the final challenge.

Submission Guidelines:

To enter create 2-3 minute video about yourself. You may put anything in it, some good talking points are… Who are you? What defines you as a person? How has diving impacted your life? What are your dreams and ambitions? What about fears? Why you deserve to win. These are just a few suggestions. Send all submissions to Contact@DiluvioStudios.com Please Use the following format for your email.

  • Name

  • Age

  • Location

  • Number of dives

  • Link to unlisted YouTube video

We look forward to hearing from you!

-Diluvio Studios Team

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frequently asked questions

What is Master Diver?

Master Diver is a reality television show that is currently in production.

Who can apply?

Any English speaking SCUBA diver with around 40-60 dives.

Why is the dive limit so strict?

In our first season we would like to keep things simple and safe. In the future we will open the competition to divers of all skill levels.

When will the show begin?

Early 2019, Útila Honduras.